Ross Trattler

Dr. Ross Trattler N.D, D.O
Gold Coast Osteopath

I received my university degree (pre-med) starting at University of Illinois (1968-71) and finishing at University of New York (1974-75). There were three years between the two, when I left school, to live communally, exploring eastern mysticism. This sabbatical was very good for my inner growth, but extremely bad for my back, which I had previously injured at the age of 5 when I pulled a 200 pound granite mantelpiece off it's braces, crushing my back. My back was injured enough to cause me to develop spinal curvature soon thereafter. My high school gridiron playing was no great help and the commune, with the daily hard physical labour, left me with a severe disc injury. That was my first experience with chiropractic, which was certainly a help, but not enough to allow me to continue doing physical labour. After several years I learned of osteopathy, and the difference in approach helped me return to a more active life. So much so that I decided to return to university and then attend osteopathic medical school.

I attended the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy in London, England (1975-1979). After graduation and four cold years in London, I decided to set up practice in Hawaii where I lived and practiced from 1979-1995, relocating to the Gold Coast in 1996. Although I am both a naturopath and osteopath, I practice solely as an osteopath in Australia, mainly due to time constraints. I do advise many of my patients to adopt naturopathic principles of living to aid their recovery when their general health is a factor in their musculoskeletal condition. For those interested in learning more about Naturopathic Medicine, you may wish to obtain a copy of my book "Better Health Through Natural Healing" available in your local library or bookstore.

I am a great believer in exercise as both treatment and prevention of dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system and advise all patients, regardless of age, to do specific exercise regimes to both speed recovery and prevent recurrence. It is always my aim to put your health in your own hands and not have you depend on mine for your optimal well-being.